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AML/CFT Activities

Seychelles AML CFT Activities

In its latest follow-up report of Seychelles published in 2020, ESAAMLG noted that

“Seychelles has made progress in addressing the technical compliance shortcomings identified in the MER and the first FUR for the following Recommendations:

  • Recommendation 1 has been re-rated to C
  • Recommendation 26 has been re-rated to LC
  • Recommendation 29 has been re-rated to LC

Seychelles will remain in enhanced follow-up and will continue to inform the ESAAMLG of the progress made in improving and implementing its AML/CFT measures.”

In August 2022, the EU Global Facility team conducted a scoping mission to the country in order to assess, in collaboration with local authorities, the potential for technical assistance with regards to AML/CFT.

Bilateral Activities

Starting date
August 2022