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Regional Custodial Financial Investigations Webinar in Africa

3 May 2023



3 May 2023
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Yesterday, the EU Global Facility held a very successful webinar on Prisons, Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance: A missed opportunity?’ – An Introduction to Custodial Financial Investigations.

Targeted at representatives of the Middleeast and North Africa Financial Action Task Force (MENAFATF) and esaamlg org regions, this marked the very first in a series of webinars to be organised throughout the year on the topic of illicit finance in the custodial environment.

Over 70 participants took part in the discussions, which followed presentations by various specialised experts on a number of the issues, problems and financial investigative opportunities on the subject.

  • 🔎 An introduction to illicit finance in the custody and prisons arena
  • 🔎 An identification of the issues
  • 🔎 A suggested approach to Custodial Financial Investigations
  • 🔎 An introduction to Illicit Business Model Analysis

This webinar comes following the publication of a paper on Custodial Financial Investigations available here