david hotte aml cft

David Hotte

Team Leader

David Hotte has twenty five years of experience as an international expert on money laundering and terrorist financing, advising bodies such as the European Union, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia.
In the private sector, David Hotte was a senior compliance manager for a French banking group and a consultant for a law firm on financial crime. He has served in the Gendarmerie Nationale. His work has covered Palestine, Sri Lanka, Turkey, China, Laos and Syria, among many others.
David has extensive experience managing programmes of AML/CFT. He is the former Team Leader of the EU-funded project on AML/CFT in the Horn of Africa and is currently the project director of the EU CFT/AML Global Facility.
David Hotte holds a Masters degree in Public Law and Accounting from the University Pantheon-Sorbonne in Paris.
David Hotte is the author of several books on financial crime.

Tim Hanley QPM Key Expert on Law Enforcement

Tim Hanley QPM

Key Expert on Law Enforcement

Tim Hanley is the Key Expert on Law Enforcement and a highly commended former police officer who has extensive international experience in law enforcement. He was formerly a Detective Chief Superintendent and the head of serious crime branch in the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). In this role, he had lead responsibility for investigations into homicide, terrorism, kidnap, and cybercrime.
Mr Hanley established the PSNI’s first-ever Terrorism Investigation Unit, using financial intelligence and financial investigation techniques as an integrated aspect of its investigatory function. In this role, he ensured the strategic goal was the identification and seizure of financial assets linked to terrorist entities and their organised crime partnerships. As a result of his efforts he received the ‘Outstanding Achievement in the Prevention of Terrorism Award’ at a ceremony in Washington, USA, a first for the PSNI in recognition for the efforts of the Terrorism Investigation Unit in proactively investigating terrorist groups.
Mr Hanley has worked in Africa, the Western Balkans and South America on matters relating to serious crime, terrorism and AML/CFT.
He was personally presented with the Queen’s Police Medal by Queen Elizabeth II for ‘Exemplary Police Service’.

Tim Hanley QPM Key Expert on Law Enforcement
mamuka jgenti eu aml cft global facility

Mamuka Jgenti

Key Expert on Judiciary and the Civil Society

Amb. Mamuka Jgenti is the Key Expert on Judiciary and the Civil Society. His responsibilities in the project cover the activities in relation to judges, prosecutors, CSOs and media.
Apart from extensive theoretical and practical experience in the fields of AML, anti-corruption and fight against terrorism financing, Mr Jgenti has profound knowledge of EU values and principles, as well as in the work of the European institutions and EU support activities.
Amb. Jgenti was involved in approximation of national legislations with the international criminal law standards, as well as in accession of his country to various multilateral treaties and conventions in the criminal field. As a staff member of the Council of Europe, he was responsible for monitoring the implementation of commitments, but also planning, negotiating, implementing, reporting and evaluating the joint EU/CoE programmes of assistance.
In his time as elected official in the CoE intergovernmental structures with the strong participation of EU member states and institutions, Mr Jgenti acquired profound experience in EU legislation in the criminal field. As senior expert in the EU-funded support projects, as well as in his capacity of CSO representative, Mr Jgenti was delivering and presenting EU messages and standards to the institutions of the partner states.

Arnaud Stien facility’s Key Expert on Regulation

Arnaud Stien

Key Expert on Regulatory Framework

Arnaud Stien is the project’s Key Expert on Regulation, responsible for the technical assistance on financial/non-financial supervision, beneficial ownership, Financial Intelligence Units, and srategic approach.
A lawyer with a Master Degree in Compliance/Financial crime and a MA in International Relations, Mr Stien has more than 15 of years of experience in AML/CFT, both on the operational and supervisory side.
Previously, as the Deputy Head of AMLCFT (Operational Division) at the Banque de France, Mr Stien was responsible for monitoring and analysing suspicious transactions to generate the Suspicious Activity Report. He was the key intermediator for collaboration with the French FIU (Tracfin) and law enforcement authorities.
He also held the role of legal expert in AML/CFT and in the supervision of credit and insurance institutions within the French Prudential and Resolution Authority (ACPR) for seven years.
Mr Stien also implemented the AML/CFT questionnaire to benchmark the national AML/CFT framework for other central banks and has experience in international sanctions compliance. Mr Stien used to be a legal expert in payment systems and market infrastructures oversight.
He is currently pursuing PhD on ‘Comparative study of Tracfin and others FIUs’ and has been a key speaker at various international conferences for AML/CFT.

Arnaud Stien facility’s Key Expert on Regulation
alexandre taymans EU Global facility money laundering counter terrorist financing

Alexandre Taymans

Key Expert on Beneficial Ownership

Alexandre Taymans is the Key Expert on Beneficial Ownership.
Between 2016 and 2021 Alexandre Taymans was in charge, at the Belgian Treasury, of the implementation of the central Beneficial Ownership Register. In this capacity, he developed prime knowledge of the underlying legal, business and IT aspects such projects entail.
Since 2018, Mr Taymans has been working as an International AML/CFT Expert for various international organisations. As such, he has been providing technical assistance to multiple jurisdictions on the implementation of various international AML/CFT standards (e.g. national BO disclosure frameworks, virtual assets, real estate).
Mr Taymans was also an assessor for the OECD’s Global Forum for Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes and participated in numerous national and international conferences on the topic of transparency of legal persons and arrangements and Beneficial Ownership, both as speaker and moderator.

Victoria Palau Senior Expert on Justice EU aml/cft Global Facility

Victoria Palau

Senior Expert on Justice

Victoria Palau has more than 25 years of experience in European Union and international affairs, especially in international cooperation in the fields of rule of law and human rights. Her experience in management has been developed mainly in posts of responsibility.

She was former Team Leader of the EU regional project EuroMed Justice and has long standing experience in networking and coordination on justice issues with stakeholders at national, regional and international levels. Victoria Palau has extensive work experience within the European Commission (EC) in development cooperation, democratisation, human rights and rule of law projects, as she also worked in the cabinet of the Commissioner responsible for Mediterranean and Middle East relations.

Beforehand, she worked in the EC on cooperation with Latin America. She holds close relationship with different EC services (DG NEAR, DE INTPA, FPI, DG JUST) and EU Delegations.

Prior to becoming the Justice Senior Expert for EU Global Facility on AML-CFT, Victoria Palau was deputy Director for Security, Peace and Development in FIIAPP, the Spanish agency for EU cooperation. With FIIAPP, she was also Resident Twinnig Advisor (RTA) in Turkey and Team Leader of EuroMed Justice.

Besides her law studies, she holds a LL.M. in Public International Law (UCL, University of London), a Master in European Law (ULB, Brussels) and an Executive MBA (ESIC Business and Marketing School, Spain).

Victoria Palau Senior Expert on Justice EU aml/cft Global Facility
Benjamin Bricheux Project Coordinator

Benjamin Bricheux

Project Coordinator

Benjamin Bricheux is the Global Facility Coordinator. As such, he acts as a transmission belt between the team of specialised experts and the different components that will allow the Facility to go into action. He keeps a close eye on the operational implementation of the activities, the planning of the Facility’s deadlines, budget and administration. He also supervises the transversal components of the project such as monitoring and evaluation, reporting and communication and visibility. He may also deputise for the Team Leader.
Mr Bricheux is an EU project manager specialised in the field of security and law enforcement who started his career in 2011 in the Central African Republic. Since then, he has gained specific experience in multi-stakeholders coordination, namely through his position as coordinator of the Euromed Police project managed by DG NEAR for which he worked between 2016 and 2020.

Sandrine Dumas Finance Officer

Sandrine Dumas

Finance Officer

Sandrine Dumas holds the position of accountant for the GF-AML/CFT project in Brussels. She has worked for more than 20 years in the field of accounting and finance.
In 2008, Mrs Dumas left France to move to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where she became accounting secretary at the French Embassy in Kinshasa, before working for the European Union in the field of Security Sector Reform. Within this field, she was financial assistant in the training mission of the Congolese police forces, EUPOL RD Congo and then finance manager for the mission of advice and assistance in the field of defense EUSEC RD Congo.
In 2017, she moved back to Europe as she was recruited at the international department of the Belgian Red Cross as head of the accounting and financial unit.
Mrs Dumas has a license in management option accounting, control and audit, obtained at the Leonard de Vinci University of Limoges and a certificate of superior technician in Sales Force acquired at the Bernard Palissy high school in Saintes.

Sandrine Dumas Finance Officer
Andreea Ohota Project Assistant Team member of the EU AML/CFT Global Facility

Andreea Ohota

Project Assistant

Andreea Ohota holds the position of project assistant for the EU GF-AML/CFT project in Brussels. An economist with a PhD in quality management, she has a successful record of increasing productivity, managing project costs, reducing risks, and keeping projects on schedule for completion.
In partnership with various  project teams, she has implemented leading-edge project support processes in support of set goals and objectives while providing solutions to any operational issues.
Mrs. Ohota has left Romania in 2013 for a Japanese experience, where she worked in the diplomatic sector. In 2018 she came to Brussels where she worked as Presidency Deputy Coordinator for the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU during the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. In this capacity, Mrs. Ohota liaised with EU institutions and Member States.
Mrs. Ohota has a combined experience, working both in the private and public sector, with a focus on multinational environments that helped her acquire an excellent management of priorities, ease of communication and in-depth understanding of tools and technologies.