Newsletter #2

Our second newsletter is out !   Learn about what the EU Global Facility on AML/CFT has been doing from August to October 2021 and what is coming.

E-workshop on BO Register Regulation for Jordan

Online Event

This two-day workshop focused on Beneficial Ownership Register Regulation. Delivered to the authorities of Jordan, it witnessed the attendance of representatives from the Anti-Money Laundering Unit, the Central Bank of...

Workshop on BO Register Mauritius

FSC House Ebene

The two-day workshop titled 'Transparency of Beneficial Owners and the Implementation Cycle of the BO Register: Exchange of Experiences and Future Challenges' was held at the FSC House in Ebène,...

Regional Conference on FATF Rec 8 – Mauritius


The Regional Workshop on ‘Compliance with International and EU Requirements concerning the FATF Recommendation 8’ took place on 22-24 November 2021, at Le Meridien Hotel in Mauritius. It was organised...

BO Disclosure Framework workshop with the Bank of Mauritius

The three-day onsite workshop tackled the topic of “BO disclosure frameworks, supervisors and obliged entities: from multi-pronged approach to multi stakeholder engagement“. Organised jointly by the EU AML/CFT Global Facility...