Prosecutors and AML CFT (3/3)

Online Event

This e-training was the third and final in a series of three weekly training designed for the prosecution service of the United Arab Emirates. This training focused on money laundering...


E-workshop on UBO for Morocco

This online workshop is the continuation of the initial work conducted with the authorities of Morocco on the implementation of a national framework relating to the transparency of the beneficial...

Capacity Building Support to the Judiciary of Jordan

Dead Sea, Jordan

This workshop, which was conducted at the Dead Sea, aimed to assist the Jordanian authorities and the judicial council to prepare financial investigation guidelines as a step to increase the...

Newsletter #2

Our second newsletter is out !   Learn about what the EU Global Facility on AML/CFT has been doing from August to October 2021 and what is coming.

E-workshop on BO Register Regulation for Jordan

Online Event

This two-day workshop focused on Beneficial Ownership Register Regulation. Delivered to the authorities of Jordan, it witnessed the attendance of representatives from the Anti-Money Laundering Unit, the Central Bank of...