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Intelligence into Evidence workshop for Turkiye

3 July 2023 - 5 July 2023

Today, the EU Global Facility launched a workshop on “Turning Intelligence into Evidence” for over 90 representatives of Turkiye’s law enforcement agencies and judiciary.

Designed as part of the work plan established with our Turkish counterparts, this activity is dedicated to representatives of all penal chain institutions, with the aim of bridging the gaps that can exist in money launcdering and terrorist financing investigations. This workshop will be conducted over the next three days by experts from the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland.

“By bridging the gap between intelligence gathering and legal proceedings, we are taking crucial steps towards ensuring a robust and efficient justice system,” explained EU Global Facility Key Expert on Justice/CSOs Mamuka Jgenti.

“Participants will engage in interactive sessions, discussions, and practical exercises to enhance their understanding of the process and delve into topics such as the evaluation of intelligence, admissibility of evidence, and best practices for presenting information in court,” noted Key Expert on Law Enforcement L. Ennis.

This event will empower participants to better navigate the complex landscape of turning intelligence into compelling evidence, hereby fostering a stronger and more effective penal chain system, promoting justice, and safeguarding the country against criminal activities.