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BO discussions series 1: Disclosure frameworks and the NPO sector

28 June 2022

Joint activity launched by our Key Expert on Beneficial Ownership Alexandre Taymans and Key Expert on Justice/CSOs Mamuka Jgenti.

On 28 June 2022, they opened the first in a series of two online workshops titled “Beneficial Ownership disclosure frameworks and the NPO sector: implementation challenges and opportunities”.

This first workshop, which focuses on the regulatory context and the efficiency/effectiveness gaps in the sector, is gathering subject matter experts representing the various sectors and stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) beneficial ownership multi-pronged approach (e.g. NPOs, beneficial ownership registers, banking sector, RegTech, research).

The second workshop, scheduled for 5 July 2022, will focus on identifying concerns and discussing if and how BO Registers can address (some of) the concerns raised.

For each session, specific experts have been identified and will be invited to present and participate to the discussion on the topic at hand based on their background and area of expertise.

The objectives of these two workshops are to:

  1. identify the impact observed of BO disclosure frameworks on the NPO sector,
  2. discuss the possible ways in which to embed the risk based approach in the design of these framework,
  3. how BO registers could serve as a tool to provide remedies to the unintended consequences on the NPO sector that have been observed over the years.

Further to these workshops, a joint report will be drafted by the Global NPO Coalition and the Global Facility that will detail the findings and possible ways in which this discussion could be brought forth.